The electric heater
that earns you

Heat plus earnings

Heatbit generates earnings for you by mining bitcoin. The mining process runs heavy computations and generates heat as a byproduct.

Heatbit app

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Chips for heating

Unlike conventional heaters, Heatbit uses silicon chips as the heating element. So you get both heat and earned bitcoins.

No extra electricity used for mining

1300 Watts of power gives 1300 Watts of heat


General specs

Power consumption

1300 Watts

Hashing power

14 TH/s (max)


<42 dBA (like a quiet library)


14 kg / 31 lbs


iOS or Android mobile app


Keeps 150-170 square feet of space warm


Spring supports minimizing low-frequency noise

Plastic cover limiting high-frequency noise from the fan

Noise absorbing material

Powerful but quiet fan inside


Dust collection at intake with easy access for cleaning


Low center of weight for better stability

Wheels for when you need to move Heatbit


Accelerometer for automatic turning off if Heatbit is in a wrong position

Multiple heat sensors for auto-turning and safety controls


Powerful controls module for continuous monitoring and automatic firmware upgrades

3 looks available

Black & White
Black & Orange

Heatbit - Black & White

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Heatbit - Black & Orange

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Heatbit - Wooden

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Setup and usage

Is there a thermostat?

Does Heatbit require an internet connection?
Yes, Heatbits need to be connected to wifi in order to operate properly. It needs 2-3 MB/h of bandwidth.

How do I configure my Heatbit? Do I need any technical knowledge?
Everything is done via the Heatbit mobile app and is super easy.

How many Heatbits can I use simultaneously?
You can connect many to the same mobile app, there is no practical limit.

Did you consider different power plugs, voltages, and frequency?
Yes, we took into consideration worldwide usage and the various connection sockets, plugs and voltage needed.

Mining and earning functionality

In which currency can I receive earnings from Heatbit?
The mining and thus initial earnings are in BTC, but you'll be able to convert into other major cryptos. We plan to implement fiat withdrawals as well, so that you can withdraw directly to your card or account.

How does bitcoin mining work in practice?
You can watch this quick video to learn more about it:

How quickly can I withdraw my earnings?
You can withdraw funds from mining anytime through the Heatbit mobile app.

Will there be fees to withdraw funds into my wallet?
You will need to pay the network transaction fees, Heatbit doesn't charge any withdrawal fees.


I want to order a large number of heaters (>20). Do I get a discount?
Please send us an email with a description of your order (number of items, description of your company and your country), as well as any other questions to