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“Most space heaters run electricity through high resistance wires to toast your toes. Heatbit Mini instead trains AI or mines Bitcoin while warming up your home. In so doing, it pays $28/month while in use.”
“Heatbit is more than a clever design to combine two processes. In fact, the mining heaters can contribute to solving several crucial problems in today's time. The most obvious one is heat generation. As energy prices soar around the globe, a heater that generates money while operating seems like an ingenious approach.”
“Heatbit looks like other high-end heaters. But integrated circuits inside the device quietly process bitcoin transactions and perform trillions of calculations per second. That activity not only generates bitcoin rewards (courtesy of bitcoin mining pool, Nicehash), but also heat.”
“That heat, according to the official Heatbit site, is enough to warm 500 square feet of space. The kicker is, if you run the heater 24 hours a day at a bitcoin price of $20,000, the device will put $30 back into your pocket every month to help cover your electricity bill. Given the jump in energy costs last year, that capability may offer consumers some incentive.”
“The Heatbit contributes to the Nicehash mining pool. Some critics claim that mining pools lead to mining centralization — something the Bitcoin community is attempting to overcome with upcoming Stratum V2 upgrades to the mining algorithm. Nonetheless, there have been other unexpected consequences to running a Bitcoin miner. ”
Destroy threats
you can’t see

Nature's confetti, poised to crash your sinuses' party. These microscopic plant particles waft through the air, triggering sneezes and sniffles for allergy sufferers far and wide
Pet Dander

Your beloved furry (or feathery) companion's shedding skin, often the culprit behind compromised air quality in pet-friendly homes
Dust, smoke,
car fumes
From dusty woes to city smog and exhaust fumes - the trio of urban air annoyances. These common pollutants easily infiltrate indoor spaces, adding to the indoor air quality problems
Volatile organic
Chemical troublemakers, mixing up a toxic cocktail of odors and irritants in your air. Emitted by household products like paints, cleaning supplies, they add to air pollution and health risks
Perfect for
Mini lets you join the network in

5 minutes with an easy plug-and-play solution. Each device helps us decentralize Bitcoin, bringing mining back home and making it environmentally friendly.

Pet owners
Pet owners
Mini keeps your pets warm and effectively traps pet hair, dander and the dust your furry friends bring in. Not to mention the odors - a purifier by the litter box will do wonders
WFH Wizards
WFH Wizards
For those who've traded office cubicles for home offices, Mini is a co-worker of the year. It gets rid of lingering food smells, printer emissions and other pollutants, and makes you money, too
Allergy Sufferers
Allergy Sufferers
Whatever makes you sneeze and sniff, let Mini's HEPA filters protect you destroying threats you can’t see. Equipped with VOC and PM2.5 sensors, it will keep your air quality under control 24/7
Mini is your urban jungle's best companion. It battles city smog, traffic dust, and that "big city funk" that tends to sneak in. Say goodbye to urban grime and hello to fresh air in your concrete oasis
Super Parents
Super Parents
Mini is every family’s secret weapon against indoor allergens and germs that kids seem to attract like magnets. It ensures your little ones breathe in only the cleanest air, creating a healthier environment for your family
Wildfire Warriors
Wildfire Warriors
When smoke and ash threaten your peace, Mini becomes your mighty ally. It tackles wildfire smoke particles, ensuring your indoor air is a safe haven even when the world outside goes up in flames.
Smart sensing
Mini’s sensors constantly monitor your air, activating HEPA filters whenever air quality drops. This way we offer you real-time air score updates and historical tracking for air quality day in and day out
VOC sensors
detect airborne chemicals from everyday activity like cleaning and cooking
PM2.5 sensors
identify ultra-fine particles like dust, pet hair and allergens
Smart modes
Mini’s three dynamic air purification modes are designed to tackle every air challenge with easy and style
The 'set it and forget it' mode, ensuring your air is consistently pristine without you lifting a finger. This mode adjusts ventilation power, responding to real-time air quality in your space
Your go-to superhero mode to quickly combat any indoor air villains. This mode offers a temporary surge in ventilation power, perfect for tackling sudden spikes in air pollution
Turns your Mini into a stealthy air guardian. Purify the air, using the quietest settings, making it the ideal choice for nighttime use. Plus, it dims the display to ensure your beauty sleep remains undisturbed
Lifetime Warranty with the filter subscription
Mini's HEPA filters protect not just you, but also the device's most valuable components - the silicon chips. They significantly extend Mini's lifespan, which is why we offer a lifetime warranty with our filter subscription.
Change filters every 3 mo for great air quality
Subscribe in the app when you get the device
Cancel any time if you no longer need it
Best protection for the best price
Filter type
Device cost
Replacement filter cost
Change every
Heatbit Mini Heatbit Mini
3 mo
Dyson HP07 Dyson HP07
HEPA & Carbon
6 mo
2 years
Molekule Molekule
6 mo
2 years
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with filter subscriptions
Regularly changing your Mini's filters not only keeps it in peak condition, but also secures you a lifetime warranty, at no extra cost
If you're not completely happy, our no-strings-attached 7-day easy return policy ensures a full refund
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Customer reviews
Making money while heating my home. What a dream! Thank you @heatbit_com for such an amazing product. I’m blown away 🔥
Snowy and cold here in #Montreal, so I've deployed my new #Heatbit heater. Beautiful industrial design and efficiency. Bravo @heatbit_com
Cheers to the team for this gadget - very clever twist for a dull heater concept :)
Lowered my house thermostat and use Heatbit to keep active areas warmer. Saving heating cost and earning at the same time.
Mining #Bitcoin while staying warm thanks to innovators like @heatbit_com. The future is already here.
I just got one a week ago. Love it! Works well. @heatbit_com are you guys hiring?
It heats my office well and it is quieter than the heater I used before I replaced. Not loud at all.. low hum.
Beautiful design, well done @heatbit_com !!
Can confirm - the airflow is incredible. I have entirely done away with baseboard heating in my condo placing @heatbit_com between 2 doors. Warms both comfortably.
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