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Bitcoin begins with mining. Originally powered by digital anarchists, this crucial function has been colonized by Wall Street over the last decade. Now, the network hinges on data center sweatshops that cost society $12 billion a year, emit 65 million metric tons of CO2, provoke constant criticism, and escalate network’s security risks.

This was never part of the plan. And frankly, it’s unsustainable.

To course-correct mining’s trajectory, we need something bold - an alternative infrastructure. That’s what Heatbit is building. We’re bringing mining back home. Step by step, with a clear strategy and the best team to lead the resistance.

Now, let’s take it from the top.
Back in 2020, Heatbit’s founder, Alex, kicked off work on the world’s first Bitcoin-mining heaters. He was not the first to think about harnessing mining's excess heat for warming up spaces – Satoshi was. But he was the first to engineer this idea into a viable product for consumers.
Heatbit One made its debut in 2022. It was our proof of concept device. We equipped it with an Antminer S9, added a quiet yet efficient fan, small computer for Wi-Fi connectivity, and a hundred more details to silence the typical miner noise and enhance the safety. It wasn’t the most efficient miner, and it came with a hefty price, but the demand said it all: people wanted it, despite its early shortcomings.
In less than a year, Heatbit crossed the $1M sales mark and a wave of enthusiastic support. Our customers were thrilled – regular Bitcoin enthusiasts could finally contribute to the network without breaking the bank and diving deep into complex tech. Criticism came our way too, some of it fair, some not. And every bit of feedback was invaluable, setting the stage for us to develop even more innovative solutions. We learned immensely, sharpened our understanding of what the market truly needed and started building again.
In 2023, we introduced Heatbit Mini - our sophisticated second generation device. Think Dyson, but with Bitcoin rewards.

This award-winner is built from aviation-grade aluminum and leather straps, offering more than warmth—it purifies your air, too. To secure the cutting-edge 5 nm chips (only produced by two companies in the world), we had to compete with the demand from giants like Apple and Nvidia. The effort to perfect the Mini involved over 50 suppliers. Now, when people say it looks and feels like a product that Apple would create if they were into Bitcoin, we know we absolutely nailed it.
We could pause here. We have a great product, and now we could ramp up the marketing, and start stocking Heatbits at every Best Buy and Target, and get featured in every tech podcast. And we will – those steps are in the works.

Yet our vision is much,much bigger.
We want to place a Bitcoin-mining device in every home. And guess what? We've figured out exactly how to make it happen.
We’ll reveal our master plan this September. Until then, let’s discuss why our work is crucial for the network and for the environment.
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